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   New Patent / Innovation :  Magnifying Safety Glasses We are professional development & producing "Safety Glasses" manufacturer(ISO 9001-2008) in Taiwan for many years, all products meet with International Standard :ANSI Z87.1 // CE EN 166 // AS 1337. The qu

Clip on Magnifier Reading Lenses

                     Clip on Magnifier Reading Lenses (1) Clip-on, Flip-up, magnifying lenses (clip on to your regular glasses)                      (2) Flips up out of the way, flips down to become a hands-free magnifier.              (3) Perfect magnifying reading lenses for crafts,

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(1) Polycarbonate lens offers qualified protection against       high mass impact(2) Wrap-around lens provides superior front/side protection(3) Anti-scratch lens provides protection against harmful       UV rays(4) Wide-vision lens offers superior optics qua